Chain Styles

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There are many gold and silver chain styles available (far more than you’ll see in the image to the right), each serves different purposes and offers different effects for the wearer.

A chain is a strand of interlocking links, rings, discs, or beads, usually composed of metal. During their early times, chains were likely seen as a life-changing new technology, used as strong and practical alternatives to rope. Smaller chains were used for simple tasks, like pulling a bucket of water up from a well, where larger ones were used to casting anchors.

It wasn’t long before chains found their way into jewelry. Chain links can be made by hand, but most modern designs are manufactured by machinery. Chain necklaces are the most popular, but you can find chain used in bracelets and earrings as well. Over time, people have created all different link styles and combinations to fashion different looks. Here are the most well-known chain jewelry styles: