My first experience with Gold Pros Mail-in made me a believer. I just received my third check from them and will continue to use their services. They are quick, easy, reliable, and very fair.

KD, Indiana 6/15/16

I just love selling my gold to Gold Pros. I never have to be worried about my gold being lost or stolen and they pay quickly. Their staff is very friendly and can answer any question at any time during the process. Love ‘em.

Marie H. Norristown PA 4/14/16

Had a great experience with Gold Pros. Their mail in service is quick and easy. Sent off my jewelry and in no time I received my check. I got much more from them than my local pawn shop offered me. I will repeat.

David E. Boston Ma 6/23/16

Found them on Google and thought I would give them a test run first. A small gold coin and a few small items. I received my mail in kit in a couple days, sent it my stuff and had an offer two days later. The offer was way more than I expected and got my check very quickly. I repeated with more items and got a great deal. I trust them and will continue to use Gold Pros for my gold and silver items. Great way to get some well needed cash.

Helene M. Nashua NH Drew S., Massachusetts, Nov 2015

I sent in a pile of sterling silver only to find out that most of it was white gold! I was ecstatic Gold Pros gave me the full value for my gold and sterling silver. I was only expecting $50 for the silver but ended up with $557 because of the gold that was mixed in. I couldn’t be happier.

-Glenn S. RI March 2017

Thank you for being fair & fast, Gold Pros are the pros. I am sending more soon.

Cathrine B. Baltimore MD Dec 2015

I felt compelled to thank you. I see why you are you are so highly recommended. This was the best online experience ever short of Amazon. It was fast, smooth and fair. Could not have gone any better.

Brian B. November 2016

All I can say is Wow!

What a pleasant surprise to find such a reputable company on the internet, which is normally filled with crooks and scam artists. The folks at Gold Pros delivered exactly what their website said they would do, and they did it with professionalism and speed. The same day they received my package they evaluated it and I received an email with their offer. I was surprised to find they offered more than I had expected. I agreed to the offer via a simple button on their email and had my money in 2 days. I will repeat and have told all my friends about this great online company. Gold Pros, you are the best!

Doug V. Massachusetts, Nov 2016

Great company and a better deal. Everything went perfectly. I got a fair price, and the check came very in a couple days.

S. Metzger December 2015