Antique Jewelry

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You may prefer to sell your antique jewelry at one of our GoldPros stores or use our convenient mail-in program but, if you’re holding on to something with sentimental value, you’ll want to know how to take care of it.

Antique jewelry can often be delicate and requires special care when cleaning and storing. To prevent pieces from wearing on each other and scratching, store in a cotton-lined box at a moderate temperature. While fluctuations in temperature are not good for any piece of jewelry, some materials are sensitive to heat and cold. Perfume, hairspray, makeup and skin oils are also extremely damaging to jewelry; always apply products prior to putting on your jewelry. A little precaution with your special pieces can go a long way! Avoid bathing, house-cleaning, gardening and exercising in your jewelry as those are perfect opportunities to lose or damage your special pieces.

Keep an eye on your jewelry. Pay special attention to the settings around your stones. The moment you notice that a stone is loose, take it to your jeweler for repair. Nothing is worse than looking down and noticing that your beautiful stone has been replaced by a large hole. When choosing a jeweler, take care to find one that is familiar with the intricacies of antiques. Few jewelers are skilled at taking care of old pieces, and your beautiful antique may come home with a chunky repair that de-values or destroys it.