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What Happens Next?

You will Receive an offer via email or a follow up phone call.

We believe you will be 100% satisfied with the offer presented by our gold buying professionals. However, we will gladly send your items back if you decide not to proceed with the transaction with no cost to you.

Get Paid For Your Gold!

Payment is processed after you accept your offer within the email and is paid via secure company check.

Shipping is always free, secure, and insured by FedEx®

Gold Pros always provides a free FedEx® shipping label and appraisal kit for your convenience, be assured that your valuables are safe and insured to a maximum of $10,000. Additional insurance is available for larger quantities being sent in at one time.   We make it  easy to sell your gold and track the progress of your package 100% of the way!

  1. Request a free appraisal kit by completing the simple form. The kit will arrive at your home in 3-5 days.
  2. Inventory & Package the items you are sending. Use the form provided, please provide a detailed list of your items and any other information you wish to include.
  3. Drop off your prepaid, secure, and insured package at the closest FedEx. Your package will now be sent to our Florida Corporate Processing Center.
Free FedEx® shipping
Insured up to $10,000*
Additional insurance available
Free return shipping
Easily track your package
100% Satisfaction Guarantee